Saturday, July 19, 2008

Jaco Beach

We had a day trip to the beach today. Six grownups and two kids in two cars...quite an expedition compared to our usual closer-to-home style.

Everyone had a nice time.

There was a pool and ample supervision for the kids, a beach nearby for the out-of-towners to walk over and peek at, a great restaurant and an early enough lunch that even the drivers could have a beer, and we not only saw the standard flock of green parakeets flying around, but also a couple of toucans and two pairs of real live scarlet macaws. Very cool.

My little car did splendidly up and down the mountains. I still need to look into the fuel delivery system - hopefully it's just a fuel or air filter in need of changing, but in any case the car did very well and will doubtless run even better once it's been lovingly tended to.

Those of us in my car agreed that a quick stop for beer and Coke was in order on the way back here to Rita's. By that time we were back at higher elevation, in a little mountain town. It was after dark and drizzling, and as I crossed the street to the grocery store I realized that I was still in my bathing suit top and little beach shorts.

Gotta say, that is one friendly little mountain town. Never seen a store fulla men so willing to let a girl past on her way to buy some beer. Big, smiling guys, friendly hellos...I swear I would've gotten a discount if I'd gone to the boy cashier instead of the girl cashier.


The Cunning Runt July 22, 2008 8:38 PM  

You so have us pegged.

I'm embarrassed.

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