Friday, September 29, 2006

Misguided Search Results Roundup

Searched for: "sunbathing party photos"
Found: Photos of 4 year old's birthday party at a nature park, with sunbathing iguana.

Searched for: "Mallard steam" (huh?)
Found: Extremely long list of things that occurred on all the various July 3rds throughout history.

Well what do you know? It looks like that second one may actually have found what s/he was looking for: The list includes:

1938 - World speed record for a steam railway locomotive is set in England, by the Mallard, which reaches a speed of 203 km/h (126 mph)
Actually, quite a few people have hit that entry. As long as it is, and covering as much ground as it does, it...well, it includes a lot of diverse words and mentions a lot of obscure people.

Please accept this sentence in lieu of a snappy closing remark.


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