Friday, September 15, 2006

Dear Costa Rica, Happy Birthday

I found an article (on a web page promoting a domestic airline, of all things) that does a good job of capturing the mood of Costa Rica's Independence Day celebrations, so I'll provide the photos and refer you to Nature Air's piece entitled Central America Celebrates Shared Independence Day for a description of the holiday.

Waiting at the park for the runners with the torch to reach our town

The Mayor of San Rafael lights each school's torch and hands it off to the team of student runners. Our school is just a block away, but some of these kids have more of a trek.

The torch arrives at the school - they must have made a circuit of the town in order to give more students a chance to participate, because we strolled over at our leisure and still arrived 10 minutes before the torch did.


mom September 17, 2006 7:00 AM  

Thanks for the link to the Central American Independence Celebration story. I enjoyed it. So different from our Fourth of July, which many just associate with picnics, fireworks and a day off. Most in the United States don't seem to pay much attention to our past.

Side note to Scott - unless they are Southern and redneck, eh? Don't let the stern cover (of Confederates in the Attic) fool you. I read a friend's copy and then bought copies for you and me; it fascinated me. (Sorry folks - but his e-mail is unreliable lately and I have to communicate with him in some way!)

I LOVE seeing the photos of Alex and the girls. It feels right that he is home again.

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