Wednesday, September 06, 2006

I'd like to think this is overkill

I sometimes get these drink boxes of cappucheapo (a new, and much more appropriate, word I discovered while making sure I was spelling cappuccino correctly [I have to double check almost every time I mention it.])

The drink itself is fine, as these things go, but I'm always a little disturbed by the message on the bottom, which reads La leche materna es el mejor alimento para el lactante and, in English on the back panel, "Breast milk is the best food for nursing."

(That reminds me about the eggnog sold by the same company. The drink box size has no alcohol but, as we discovered a little too late one Christmas Eve, the one-liter presentation is intended for adult consumption only. Oops. Fortunately, they didn't care for it all that much and only had a small glass with their cookies.)


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Added 6/12/06

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