Thursday, August 17, 2006

...What?...who?'m on? Already?

Oh, hi. Er. Yeah. Sorry about that. I know everyone understands about not being able to post much during the retreats. And we've all noticed that I kind of slack off when I have visitors. And the week following a visit is clearly...well...anyway, here I am.

Let's see. News. Well, I finally quit my day job. I had told my translation clients that I would be unavailable during Mom's whole visit (not just the retreat), and I heartlessly turned down the documents they kept sending me during that time. Finally it occurred to me that right in the middle of a declared hiatus was probably the ideal time to go ahead and quit, so I did. I got a couple of well-wishing E-mails and one begging phone call, but no more documents.

Now the idea is to actively--yea, proactively even--pursue quilt retreats and quilting related activities. Of course that will cut into my lying-around-at-home (and possibly even blogging) time while the kids are at school, but it's infinitely more fun than translating, so that's the plan. On Monday I downloaded a bunch of software I'm going to need on my new computer to edit the retreat website, manage my photos, etc. I had been planning to wait for the DSL but you know what? Maybe it's like taking an umbrella so it won't rain. Or, you know, sentiments to that effect.

On Tuesday I updated the quilt guild membership list and reconfigured the way I keep track of meeting attendance and payment of dues (I'm co-co-treasurer) and sent it out to the other board members. On Wednesday Rita told me about a charity that has requested a donated quilt and an upcoming craft bazaar here in Costa Rica, so I cleared off my work table (without a backhoe!), traced two copies of the leaf block, selected a pair of my hand dyed fabric and started making one of the blocks. I also cleared up some billing issues with my biggest former client.

Today I'm skipping the gym (sore throat...again) and plan to start creating an online gift shop for the retreat. I made a mug for Mom on Zazzle last weekend and she got it yesterday. She says the quality is as good as they claim, so I'll go ahead and design custom mugs for each retreat we've had (group photo on one side, retreat logo on the other) and some general retreat t-shirts to add to our website. There's no cost or obligation for making the designs, and I get a small commission on any that sell. My kind of venture!

Oh, I'm also making Julia's birthday cake today. She takes it to school tomorrow and they have a ceremony there. Then on Saturday José and Yolanda will join the girls and I and four of Julia's friends for a trip to ZooAve (a bird zoo and rehabilitation center that we go to as part of the retreat) and then to Pizza Hut (with playground) for lunch.

[Aside: I just discovered that the frame that supports the oven racks has slipped, so the rack is lopsided and the cake...the cake is a very special shape. Not only lopsided within the pan, but with a high peak (and crack) at the thickest part which, needless to say, is not in the center. Good thing kindergarteners aren't too picky about cakes.]

What else? Oh, when last you heard, Alex had resigned his job in North Carolina to finally move back home. He has ended up working a few extra weeks to help them with the transition, but he has bought his return ticket and will be home on September 9. (Can I call it or what? I told several people that I figured he'd want to be home for his birthday - which is September 9.)

And that's the latest news from here, at least for now. I should really get to work. My new boss is totally laid back, but I should probably take the job seriously anyway.


Dad August 17, 2006 1:23 PM  

HOORAY!! Persistence (mine) paid off. I KNEW you'd be back online, and the result was worth waiting for!

The mug is of very high quality. Not that I've had much opportunity to look at it: Mom has been keeping it busy ever since she opened it last night.

We'll enjoy Alex's arrival home on his birthday while we celebrate our 39th wedding anniversary the same day. :)

mom August 17, 2006 2:47 PM  

Oh, Sandy will be so glad you are back - and so am I!

I've been busy too with my new day job - sent Scott, as the one in the family who was most recently a student, a copy of my course syllabus and overview for his critique.

Julia will enjoy the cake. But I, who am a bit more sophisticated than a five-year-old on the cake score, pronounce the one Lisa made for me last week superb. It was a chocolate rum cake with raspberry topping and chocolate glaze, served with vanilla icecream, home-made (by Dick) hot fudge sauce and real whipped cream. It's worth turning 60 for that!

Sandy August 17, 2006 7:52 PM  

WELCOME BACK!!! I feel like all the kids are back home. I'm glad you had a wonderful time with the retreat and Mom. Congradulations on your assertiveness in dumping the day job.

lisa August 18, 2006 6:24 AM  

Don't be fooled! Dad was all, I'm so disappointed that Jennifer has given up on the blog! (He needed some reassurance during the tough times, but we saw him though...)

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