Monday, August 28, 2006

I made scones

Something else I haven't yet transferred from the old computer is (are?) my bookmarks, so for now I've just been following the links on my own sidebar which, apparently, I hadn't updated in a while because it doesn't include Food and Family.

Although I'm not sure if she's married to a local boy, she is living and raising her kids in another country and is, therefore, Kind of Like Me.

So apologies to Kit and there's your link.

But before you go visit her, just be aware that I made scones today. From scratch. They're in the oven now. You see, she just might be over there talking about some amazing home cooked meal with awesome desserts (that's plural) that she actually let her children help her's happened before, is all I'm saying.

I admire her for it, but our weekly homemade pizza and "no you can't help stir" is about the extent of it for us. So I figured if I was going to point her out to everyone, it might be a good idea to make at least a token effort in the homemade food department.

And there's the timer now.


Laylabean August 28, 2006 3:08 PM  

Hey girl! Thanks for the linky-love in your sidebar.

I don't cook and bake a lot either. I used to and then I burned out (Hee-"burned out"-love those puns!) after it started to feel like wasted effort. Not that my family didn't appreciate my cooking, but sewing seemed like a much more lasting way to practice my creativity. Now I cook a lot of basic food and break out the fancy only once in a while.

I've not made oven-baked scones before though, ours are always deep-fried. Is your recipe good? Care to share?

Jennifer August 28, 2006 3:55 PM  

Sure, it goes like this:

In large bowl mix:
3 C flour
3/4 C sugar
3 tsp baking powder
1/4 tsp baking soda

Use one of those round pastry mixer things that has the parallel blades to cut in 2/3 C shortening (Okay, I admit it. I use margarine.)

Mix in:
1 egg, beaten
Scant 2/3 C milk
1 C raisins (or chocolate chips)

I mix with a wooden spoon until most of the liquid is absorbed, then use my hand. When it's mixed into a dough, I pull off chunks to make about 25 pieces and arrange them all on one (fairly large) baking tray.

Bake @ 350 F (175 C) for 15/20 min.

The recipe says to score the tops with a criscross (presumably with a fork), which I don't do because if you pull off the chunks by hand you get nice little ragged tops that brown into crisp peaks and valleys. Why keep score(ing)?

It also says to reserve some of the egg to brush on top before baking. Reserving part of a single beaten egg and then trying to brush it onto the tops of 25 scones seems kind of futile, so I've never tried it. Plus I don't have a pastry brush, so there.

Obviously, with a recipe that's essentially 25% butter, there's no need to grease the tray.

I got the recipe in an E-mail from - I guess I was on their mailing list at one point.

Laylabean August 28, 2006 4:25 PM  

Thanks, sounds delicious! Betcha can't guess what we're having for dinner tonight. *grin*

Jennifer August 28, 2006 4:34 PM  

You're welcome. (Didja notice the pun? It's in there just for you.)

Hmm. Scones for dinner. Now my kids would be into that. (Granted, I had scones for lunch myself, but I'm no longer a growing girl, so I get to do stuff like that.)

BTW, I did see your comment about 100 Things and I will do it's just percolating right now.

lisa August 28, 2006 8:45 PM  

Yesterday I made homemade fig bars. With figs that I picked from trees! I've been very domestic lately. Low budget + free homegrown produce = lots of experimenting in the kitchen.

Laylabean August 28, 2006 8:46 PM  

Pun? Wha?? I copied and pasted the recipe into my wp program and must have missed it. Just a second...*goes back to read again*

Hahahahaha! Thanks. :)

100 Things -- no worries. It's hard to come up with that many things off the top of your head, narcissistic blog babes that we are notwithstanding!

Jennifer August 28, 2006 9:26 PM  

Ooh! Ooh! I made zucchini (-inni?) muffins this weekend and I did go out to the yard (in the rain) to pick a lemon (well, tart citrus fruit anyway) to grate for the lemon peel!

I'm guessing the trees were at Bob & Dot's? I didn't know figs grew in NC. They're popular here, but I they're usually sugared & packaged and appear to grow more readily on supermarket shelves than on trees.

Figs are a problem for me in that the Spanish word for "fig" is a little too close to the Spanish word for "liver" and I occasionally invent fairly unappetizing food items as a result.

lisa August 28, 2006 9:43 PM  

No, the fig trees are at work. I'd never eaten fresh figs before, and had no idea how sweet and good they are. I started with a fig cobbler, which was okay, but I wasn't into it. The fig bars are pretty good though. I still have to try fig cookies. There aren't tons of other fig recipes out there that aren't either jelly or something fancy. I've been getting blueberries and figs at work, and zucchini, yellow squash, more blueberries, tomatoes, peppers and apples from Bob & Dot's.

meredith August 29, 2006 6:27 AM  

I am trying to say "Sure, you can stir" more often. The patience struggle continues...

Jennifer August 29, 2006 6:33 AM  

Well after all, it is pretty hard to say.

Sandy August 30, 2006 10:40 AM  

anybody have a left handed child? You think it's hard to say "sure you can stir" to a rightie, It's near impossible to say it to a leftie. They just look so clumsy! Oh, wait...they are! :)
When I was a meter reader for the gas company in Johnston County (NC) I used to feast on figs and pecans in the summer and fall. Just pick and eat as I crawled through the back yards. Yes, figs are plentiful in North Carolina! And Oh, so YUMMY!

Food Mum September 09, 2006 3:24 AM  

Hi Jennifer, I just saw this, thanks for the link. And you posted it on my birthday too, so it's like a birthday present! Just wanted to say that my patience frequently runs thin, with the help. I just hope that their future baking careers aren't scarred for life by memories of me snapping "keep the flour IN the bowl" and the awesome desserts are for feast days and holidays too. Besides my sewing is limited to felt and sequin creations...though I'd love the patience to create intricate quilt designs. I recently read a novel called Happenstance about a wonderfully creative quilter, so I'm full of admiration for your creative skills too. Each to their own I guess. and yes he is a local boy returned home after 15 years in London. So Kind of Like You definitely. Scones sound great.

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