Monday, August 28, 2006

Award winning

So I'm trying to design a second mug and some t-shirts for the retreat so I can create a Gift Shop page on the retreat web site. Actually, the designs are not the issue - I know what I want but I still haven't really gotten the hang of the image editing software I'm using on the new computer. Plus I need to try to transfer a font from the old machine (can that even be done?) and I just don't feel like hooking it back up.

Anyway, as a means of procrastinating all of that, I was putzing around on Zazzle yesterday, looking at my (one) existing design, checking out other peoples' products, reading the FAQ. You know, clicking around on random stuff for...umm...inspiration. Yeah, inspiration.

So I'm in my personal "gallery" (it echos a little with all that empty wall space in there...) and looking at my little ol' mug that I made for Mom. And you know what? It was picked as one of "Today's Best" on the day I made it. Here: see for yourself.

Now, I don't know how rigorous the selection process is. Maybe the guy who pulls the mugs off the machinery and packs them for shipping has a button to push when he sees one he likes. Maybe the chick monitoring activity on the Zazzle system gets to choose. Maybe it's a highly discriminating team of professional designers. Who's to say?

Anyway. I just thought you should know.


The Teacher August 28, 2006 1:01 PM  

Wow!! That's so cool! I love the leaf's so clean and simple and elegant.

Jennifer August 28, 2006 1:24 PM  

Thanks! It's one of the block designs people can choose from when they come to the retreat. It makes a good logo because it's only one color and, better yet, green. (What with Costa Rica being a tropical paradise and all...)

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