Monday, May 09, 2005

You know you've always wondered

Don't try to deny it. Every time you've ever looked at a building you've thought to yourself, "How the heck do they get all that cement up to the second floor? Do they carry it up in buckets?" Well I'm here to tell you that they do not. And here, in lieu of 2000 words, is the proof:

That guy isn't really holding on to the pipe, he's actually all the way across the (future) house from it. There's a flexible hose coming off the end of the pipe, and the guys below direct that to where they need to pour the cement.

The project is a matching pair of houses being built outside my bedroom windows (diagonal to our property's north-east corner). The people hope to finish them and move in in about two months.

The future neighbors who own the lot straight behind ours (where the trucks are at the moment) plan to begin building within the next two months. They hope to move in in early 2006. And the neighbor to the west side of both our lots is planning to build beginning in December. Posted by Hello


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