Friday, May 06, 2005

So much to say

It's my first time doing this, but I just hadta.

Check out this guy's blog. I've been frequenting my brother-in-law's sister's blog ever since she started saying nice things about my quilts. And for added fun I visit random sites from her "Blogs I Read" list. I've enjoyed each one, in different ways, but today I clicked on "Defective Yeti" and hit gold.

The first post (first at the moment anyway--here's a direct link in case he adds more before you get to it) confusted me at first - it took me about a paragraph to realize what was going on. Okay two. In my defense, I didn't yet know the tone of the blog, plus I was distracted by Julia, who saw the large photograph that accompanies the post and said "Is that grandpa?" (Hey Dad! Now you're in my blog twice...if you want I can import the photo and put it right here...)

My favorite (from today's front page anyway) is Don't Look Down. Love the comments too.

Okay, I need to go get ready for my party. I invited a new neighbor and her husband over for a drink tonight and mentioned it to the next door family so they could meet them too. A couple days later the guy next door called to say the two families building houses behind ours want to come, so now it's four couples & three kids (plus mine)...gotta shower. Shop. Maybe shweep the floor.


Lisa May 06, 2005 10:35 AM  

Oh my!

Poor, poor Dad....

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