Monday, May 16, 2005

And then the farmer's daughter says...

Today was the last of the two-week marathon of costume-intensive Kindergarten Events. It was Farmer's Day, and although the teacher had mumbled something along the lines of "the boys could dress up as farmers" at that parents' meeting I wrote about, in fact they did much better than that. They had a little play ("little" as in two minutes or so...does that make it a skit?) where the farmer and his daughter reflect on the wonder that is a seed. There was one "sun," two "rains" and about five "seeds," plus the farmer and the daughter. Robin was the daughter.

On Friday she brought home a sheet with the text of the play, plus a note that her Career Day presentation was also going to be Monday (turns out it was any ol' profession, not just Helping Professions as I wrote earlier.) She had to do a presentation on one "profession" and one "ocupation," the difference being, apparently, that a profession is something you study to become, and an occupation is something you acquire on your own. She was talking about doing Translator and Lottery Salesperson, but at the last minute ditched the translator (*sob*) and went with Veterinarian.

She then spent the whole weekend at the abuelos' house (by choice) and the sheet about the skit was at home, so she didn't have a chance to practice her lines for the Farmer thing. When we got home (to 28 Square Feet...) on Sunday evening, she was so busy making her lottery salesperson/veterinarian poster, we didn't do it then either. I made a mental note to sit down with her at breakfast and read it with her a couple of times. It was just two or three lines and the teacher said they had gone over it at school so I wasn't too worried.

Alex called just after the kids had gotten into bed, and I suggested she tell him about all the stuff she would be doing in school the next day. So she did. She told him about the Farmer's Day thing and recited the entire play to him, including the narration.

Here she is in her Farmer's Daughter finery:

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After school Julia happened to be at Yolanda's house so we got to make cookies together, just the two of us. (Thanks to Sheryl at Paper Napkin for her post about having "dates" with your kids.)


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