Sunday, May 29, 2005

New Cousins! WooHoo!

Well, technically maybe they're more "long lost" than new. But I stand by the WooHoo.

Sorry I missed you guys on the phone this weekend, although maybe I was also a teensy bit relieved, just because good god what do you SAY to long-lost cousins on the phone? Not for the whole conversation, but right there at the very beginning? What's the first line?

So instead I got to talk ABOUT you, right after you left. (There, now doesn't that make you feel special?) And you got to talk to Lisa, which I'm told can be a lot like talking to me, although frankly I never feel like I'm talking to myself, so who's to say, really?

Anyway, apparently it was great and everybody loved everybody and how cool is that. New cousins! New aunt! New cousinlets! In-laws, even! Again, WooHoo! (Okay, okay, not new...)

Here are the pajama angels keeping me from hearing all about it talking to Grandma before I bundled them off to bed.

(Hmmmm. Learned something about the page template there...putting those pictures side by side does subtly whacky things to the page layout and background image, at least at this resoulution. Oh well, it's worth it.)


Lisa May 30, 2005 10:14 AM  


Missed you! You would have enjoyed it.

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