Sunday, September 20, 2009

In a nutshell

We finally watched Monsters vs. Aliens and I've gotta say: Eh.

It was nice to see a strong, competent female lead, but other than that the whole thing was much, much more cartoony (in plot and character development, not graphics) than, say, Shrek or Monsters Inc. I mean, it was entertaining enough, but when the blue blob without a brain falling for the plate of Jello is a high point...

We had a nice picnic with friends today - including discovering a whole nother set of picnic shelters farther into the park than we'd been before. They were actually in the woods instead of around the edge of the big, heavily-populated playing fields, so that was nice.

The girls built a cool house out of some random scraps of wood we got at a woodworker's shop in Sarchi one time.

And, that's pretty much Sunday for you. Well, that and we're once again in the market for a monitor - hopefully Craigslist or the like will come through with something as suitable as it did the first time around.


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