Friday, September 18, 2009

Again with the lists

  • I have an appointment for my annual car inspection tomorrow. I could've sworn it was due in September, but when I checked the sticker it turns out it was actually supposed to be done in August. Oops. I hope it passes; the brakes have been fixed and fixed again, but they still feel a little hard first thing in the morning (go ahead, Steve). Hopefully the drive over - and, for that matter, Bob's use of the car to go to and from work earlier in the day, will get them to their "normal," and even more to the point, hopefully their "normal" is, in fact, perfectly fine.

  • I've been putting the girls off watching Monsters vs. Aliens for days now - not because I don't want to watch it with them, but because I do and it's hard to work that out on school nights. We really must watch it tomorrow.

  • The four of us are going on a picnic with Jan and Dan and one or more other friends this weekend. I hear there's going to be a puppy!

  • I've been playing Scrabble online, via Facebook lately. It's fun and exactly the same as the table version, except for the ability to look every random word up in the dictionary instantly, leading to a higher proportion of stuff on the board that none of the players has actually ever heard of. Each player has up to 24 hours to complete a turn, so time zones aren't an issue. Yesterday I lost to a friend in Germany - curiously, and due to licensing issues, the game is avaialable to everyone in the world except those in the U.S. and Canada.

  • "The sauce of least resistance" is a good phrase. It's pretty self explanatory, and it's what we had for dinner.


Anonymous September 21, 2009 2:04 PM  

eel a little hard first thing in the morning (go ahead, Steve)

Steve? O'Rly? B/c Steve is the one reading your blog who is most likely to make a morning woody joke.


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