Friday, March 03, 2006

"Our commitment to the public remains in effect"

Now me, I'm ready to take this relationship to the next level. I've got my 30 bucks a month clutched, creased and sweaty, in my hand, ready to throw it at anyone, ANYONE who can bring dedicated Internet service of any kind into my home. Cable? DSL? WIFI? I don't care what they call it or how they do it, I just know it's time.

The country's only Internet service provider, while it proclaims commitment (on the page, by the way, that lists which telephone prefixes have a hope in hell of getting DSL service) really doesn't seem to understand me at all. I have needs, and if this (state-owned) telephone company isn't able to fulfill them...well, I just may have to look elsewhere. Oh, wait. That's right, there is nowhere else.

But! Strides have been taken! Just this week, they've started playing ads on the radio! All techno-bass boompa-boompa modern. They want me to be assured that they know Costa Rica's future is linked to the speed of its telecommunications. They are RACSA. They are fast by nature.

Whew, and I was worried, sitting here with dialup that, just this week, has slowed down to a crawl that has my searches timing out before the results come up. Hey! They're fast by nature! That can't be bad. And their commitment to the public "remains in effect." Well, color me relieved.

Update: Hmmm....


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