Monday, March 20, 2006

All arty and stuff (Now with pictures!!)

On the way home from school today, Robin announced that she wanted me to pose for her so she could paint my picture. She was going to sketch first, then paint. Once all the supplies were gathered (and the scones were in the oven), she worked pretty quickly, taking occasional measurements of my face with a ruler. When she was done she had produced what I like to call:

Portrait of the Artist's Mother as a Young Man

Maybe I should have taken the ponytail out before posing. It's a good thing I took a picture of it, because she immediately set about mixing her (primary colored) poster paints to achieve the flesh tones she wanted and before long we had:

Picture of the Artist's Mother as Dorian Gray

We have agreed that it will look considerably more like me once she paints the hair which, I was surprised to discover, she considers the hardest part.

She also produced this fleeting masterpiece, which was then covered with another piece of paper, squished and peeled before being pronounced Done:

And two more lovely photos that you can now SEE, yaaaayyyy!!

Even though I've finally managed to upload the photos, I'm going to leave in the last bit down below here, because the part about Flickr is still true, and I think I may be using it more now that I've finally bothered to create an account.

Updated to add: But! I did finally get motivated to figure out what Flickr is all about. These five photos can be seen there by Lisa and Anita, who already have Flickr accounts, and who I have added as contacts.

Flickr is huge and, apparently, everyone in the world except me (and, maybe, you) uses it and can browse through other peoples' pictures based on tags like "kids" or "painting." I figured it was a little too public for the photos of the girls, so if you aren't Lisa or Anita you won't be able to see the pictures of them. But their artwork is marked as public and you should be able to see it by (if I did this right) clicking here. If I didn't do it right, go to Flickr and search for "Jennifr Tuckr" (Or, for some lovely landscape photography, search for "Jennifer Tucker," who isn't me.)

Be warned that the pictures are all out of order, unless you can get into the "set" I managed to make of them. Good luck with that.


mom March 21, 2006 4:36 PM  

I love the arty stuff. Thanks!

In sixth grade I was required to do art while the class had music (so that they did not have to endure my monotone). That has kept me self-conscious about singing - that and being told to pantomime in the children's choir - and it perhaps could have turned me off to art as well. But it didn't.

I remember once having a book about children's art in which I learned that the same stages in learning to draw are pretty much followed by children of all cultures.

Robin's portrait places your eyes in the center of your face - did she have some instruction or did she actually do that according to sight and measurement?

I have a picture book to bring for Robin in which a child makes a mistake in a painting, then turns the mistake into a whole different painting. Remembering Robin's angst when things went wrong (in the old days at least), I thought she might enjoy the story. It has great illustrations and the final painting is bright and beautiful.

Oh, this all makes me want so much to spend time with those kids. Last summer seems like ages ago.

Jennifer March 21, 2006 8:00 PM  

I didn't ask her, but she came home all businesslike and sure of herself and talking about things you'd use for painting that you wouldn't THINK you'd use for painting (they were a pencil, ruler & magnifying glass).

Also, she used an entirely different approach to drawing than she has before, so I'm assuming she had some kind of instruction at school. But she didn't actually mention it.

She also took mistakes in stride, erasing the mouth & redrawing it after I thought it was done & looking fine, and also widening the chin because it wasn't wide enough to fit the mouth measurement (taken with the ruler).

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