Monday, September 08, 2008

Pizza Hut blogging

Alex's birthday is tomorrow and he invited the girls and I to join him for dinner tonight. Pizza Hut was about what you'd expect on a weekday night. To wit:

  • There were twins having a birthday at the next table, so they put the Pizza Hut Birthday Song on the sound system and brought the little pieces of cake with the candles in them, and the cluster of waiters clapping along, and the tambourine and everything. The one waiter guy came in on the wrong beat, so I figured he was new. When it was Alex's turn for the PHBS, a different waiter guy came in on the wrong beat, and when they all started looking over at the cashier (with the computers), I realized it was the recording that was misbehaving. The PHBS quit altogether while they were singing to the girl at the (other) next table, and they had to finish it a capella.

  • The power went out once, for about ten minutes. The emergency lighting was adequate.

  • All children in the place were given a free toy (tomorrow is Children's Day in Costa Rica). Cause when you've got tables full of young children, glasses, and cutlery, the only thing really missing is a piece of knobby plastic that lights up when you swing it around on a string.


Anonymous September 08, 2008 8:34 PM  

Children's Day?!?

Isn't every day Children's Day for FSM's sake?

Oh. And happy birthday to Alex.

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