Saturday, June 16, 2007

LIVE Blogging - Just for Sandy

Sandy specifically asked about Mom, ferries & food. This one's for her.

This is the ferry from Kea back to the Athens area, last Saturday.

Back in Athens, we got this larger ferry for the overnight trip to Lesvos. There was a courtesy bus that took us from the end of the dock area up to the ship itself. I knew the name of the ship was TheĆ³filos and we had figured out enough of the Greek letters that I was able to read it and get off the bus at the right boat!

Pulling away from the port

Sunset on the ship

And for the ultimate in request-granting, here is Mom eating dinner on the ferry.

That's moussaka in the foreground - we had that at almost every Greek restaurant, and it was always different, but always very good. The small dish in the middle is a dip made of yogurt, cucumbers and garlic - great with the bread. I had rice with some sort of stewed vegetables and I'm not sure what that is on Mom's plate, but I think she may have had the same thing I did.

This was one of our favorite dinners so far. The restaurant was just two blocks down from our hotel, which is to say it was not only on the same street and at a distance of about two blocks, it was also nearly two blocks vertically down from our door.

There's the moussaka again, in the upper left, followed by batter fried zucchini slices, beet salad, and potato balls. The yogurt/cucumber dip is also repeated here, and the bread came with an herbed butter as well. Looks like Mom had Heineken again, while I tried Alpha, a Greek beer.

I never knew it before we came, but it turns out that "Cats in Greece" is a thing - there are a lot of cats in Greece, and somewhere along the line people discovered that a lot of the tourists like cats, so now there are not only cats in Greece, but also Cats in Greece postcards, calendars, etc. Lisa has been busily building her own collection of Cats in Greece as well. Here's one.

Also, Sandy? Mom says she sent you a postcard today!


Scott June 16, 2007 2:52 PM  

$1.00 says that Lisa took the sunset photo with the flag. That's cool. Food looks great. Bring some home if you can get it by customs. Not the can stuff but in tupperware and bring it home.. Please.. Also I see english on the menu...

Sandy June 16, 2007 4:16 PM  

Oh, thank you! I feel so special! The pictures from the ferry are so beautiful...and so are you, Carol. :) I didn't know what Moussaka was so I went to the internet and it brought me up two recipes, one for Turkish and one for Greek Moussaka. They look entirely different but equally delicious. Have you had any spinach pie or lemon rice soup? It all looks wonderful. How is the beer?
Looking forward to my postcard.

theotherbear June 16, 2007 5:47 PM  

That food looks fabulous - I love greek food.
Great photos.

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