Thursday, June 14, 2007

LIVE Blogging - Istanbul

Well good. I'm glad to know there are still folks out there!

Wow. I don't know where to even start. I don't think I can go back and catch you up from the last long Live Blog because there's just too much! And it takes forever to upload the dang pictures (since I'm using them straight off the camera/CD and not editing, cropping or scaling like I would normally do, they're 1MB each. Blogger automatically posts a scaled version, but I have to upload the large copy.) So it's kind of one or the other at this point.

Let's go with some photos because this keyboard is in English, but makes a horrible sound every time I hit the spacebar! Picking back up where I left off yesterday...

This is the ferry we took from Kea back to Piraeus.

Then this is us on the next ferry, the overnight one to Lesvos that left later that day. This was where I posted the Live Blogging, High Seas Edition.

This is the town of Molyvos, where we stayed while on Lesvos.

So is this. In fact, these two pictures are kind of taken looking toward each other. This is the harbor you can see behind Lisa in the one above, and you can see about where she was sitting in this one if you know where to look.

And this is in the nearby town of Petra, outside a church built up on a high rock for which the town is named.

And my hour is up, plus it's midnight so I'll sign off. Turkey was a bit challenging the first day, but we've made it to Istanbul as planned and things look very good from here! We are right in the midst of all the sights, which we will commence to see tomorrow. The hotel is one of the nicest we've stayed at yet, and we can already tell that there is going to be some serious shopping happening while we're here!


Sandy June 14, 2007 5:47 PM  

I thought your mom was with you. Carol, come out, come out whereever you are!

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