Friday, February 02, 2007

When has she ever?

Yesterday I told the girls that I had seen the principal of their school and she told me that Julia's first day of Kindergarten will be next Friday, and Robin's first day of second grade will be the following Monday.

Julia: Great! I like school! I can see my friends and go to English class and play on the playground and have a snack and [continues...]

Robin: I'm not that fond of school. I'd rather learn on the Internet.


dad February 02, 2007 4:20 PM  

Perhaps never. But no doubt she HAS seen YOU eagerly working/playing on the Internet, and likes the vibes you emit. (That's not a criticism. I imagine I'd come across the same way.)

How far we've come from when Grandpa Tuck, upon learning that you had bought a (your first) computer during high school (or was it middle school?) worried that it would do math for you and thus engender laziness!

And I remember hearing about "teaching machines" which probably were interactive learning devices (primitive computers, no doubt) which allowed one to consider questions, enter the answers, and be rewarded or not according to the answer given.

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