Sunday, February 04, 2007

Freaky but fun

So you go here and you upload a photo of yourself, such as this one (actually I ended up using two different photos, but they were very similar.)

You tell it the gender, age (child/teen/younger adult/older adult) and race (four choices) of the person in the photo.

Then you tell it how to transform the face. For example, Masculinize:

Or say you are a Caucasian and you'd like to see what you'd look like as an East Asian:

So then you tell it you are an East Asian, and ask it to make you look Caucasian. Yikes!

Or tell it you're a dude and ask it to Feminize you. I could swear I know her...

Tell it you're elderly and have it make you look like a young adult:

And then there are the artistic effects. Like Botticelli:

Which looks different if it thinks you're a man:

The Manga cartoon style is also treats photos differently depending on gender. I liked mine better when it thought I was a boy:

The El Greco style was only available for photos described as male:

And this one, called Mucha, was only available for female-identified photos:

I've seen it several places in the past day or so, but found it first at Shakespeare's Sister


Lainey-Paney February 06, 2007 9:49 AM  

OMG! That's so bizarro & cool!

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