Saturday, January 06, 2007

The topic of weddings

I got together with three friends today and the topic of weddings came up (along with the topic of sofas, the topic of breast cancer, the topic of items being put away in the wrong place, the topic of germs, the topic of customs duty [the kind you pay on imports], the topic of storage containers, the topic of hamburgers, the topic of God, the topic of alterations [the kind that make your clothes fit better], the topic of household help, the topic of...well, anyway. There were some topics.)

The topic of weddings evolved into a discussion of the cost of weddings, and we each ended up describing our own weddings and what they had cost. Granted, two of the four ceremonies described were second marriages, which probably makes a difference.

But still:

Civil ceremony in a friend's cabin in the woods.
Food and cake supplied by relatives.
The dress was a gift from my father in law. I saw something I liked (not designed as a wedding dress) in a shop window. We bought the fabric and had a local seamstress custom make mine because it was cheaper than buying the one in the window. I don't remember, but I would guess it probably cost $50 or so.
Expenses: The lawyer's fee, however much that was, and Alex bought a new pair of slacks.

Ultra-small ceremony when A (a fisherman) came into port.
She made her own dress.
Total Cost: Under $100

Married at city hall, called friends & family afterwards to let them know.
Total Cost: Whatever city hall charges.

Pagan ceremony in her back yard.
The friends who attended ordered pizza after she & D left to drive to Mexico.
Total Cost: None
(When they later got legally married, the ceremony was similarly simple and homemade.)


charlotte January 07, 2007 12:28 PM  

Bravo to all of you! Not a Bridezilla amongst you.

Our wedding (we were young, it is forgiveable) was over-the-top. To this day, I still regret not accepting my father's offer to take the money and elope.

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