Monday, May 22, 2006

The State of the Household: A bulleted list

  • We did not go to the beach this weekend, but opted to stay home and throw up instead.
  • Okay, only Julia threw up, and she only did it once.
  • In my lap.
  • Still, she had a persistent fever and we did not go.
  • This was Not Okay with Robin.
  • Who is now sick herself.
  • But not throwing up.
  • The dogs ate my cell phone and left it for dead.
  • Overnight.
  • In the rain.
  • It took two days for the phone to dry out.
  • But it survived.
  • The case did not.
  • The rainy season is underway, with torrential rain most afternoons.
  • You really need to shut the car windows during the rainy season.
  • Really really.
  • For several days, I had to sit on a garbage bag every time I drove the car.
  • Even after the seats were fairly dry, there was still a horrible smell.
  • Which went away once I realized there was moisture trapped under the floormats.
  • Which were three-deep in places (the floormats).
  • Other than that, the car has been running fine.
  • I've had to add water twice and oil once (when checking the levels in the morning, not because of trouble on the road).
  • Diesel oil is wierd.
  • It used to cost me about $42 to fill my tank.
  • It now costs $32.
  • Having gone through about half a tank of diesel, it looks like I'll be getting around 250 miles before having to refill.
  • I used to get about 190 miles out of a tank of gas.
  • Photos of the quilt retreat can be seen here.
  • Or as a slideshow here.
  • I haven't tried the slideshow link myself.
  • Because each of the promising leads I had for a good source of a new computer has fallen through.
  • So I STILL don't have DSL.
  • Which makes me sad.


mom May 23, 2006 4:30 PM  

If you didn't post today, Dad was going to call you tonight.

Sorry about the beach cancelation, the sick girls, the pouty girl, the cell phone, the cell phone case, the wet car, the rainy season, and especially the DSL.

If I were there I would offer warm chocolate chip cookies and babysitting services.

Dad has his computer up and running and behaving most of the time. Soon it'll be my turn to get my laptop set up. I'm looking forward to divorcing work from pleasure with it - especially since I WON'T BE GOING TO WORK so much after a couple more months. Yeah!

Hang in there.

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