Thursday, May 18, 2006

Just following instructions

Well, the car feels pretty good (to me). When I got it back the first time, it felt different than before, but like something I could get used to. This time, although it's still loud like diesel, it feels completely normal. I'd like to think that's good.

When I picked it up on Tuesday, I tried to ask about the one-month guarantee, to make sure they would extend it to one month from the date of the repair. However, the owner of the House of Engines (really) is Korean and hard to understand. ("One month, one month. No ploblem!")

When I took it to Marvin, he said everything looked okay. It felt fine, and wasn't overheating or anything. I asked him to have his secretary call the other place to ask about the guarantee and she did. Marvin spoke with the guy who actually repaired the engine, but was told that they would not extend the guarantee, which still starts on the date of original purchase (12 days past, by then).

Marvin's advice is to drive the car as much as possible over the next two weeks.

The girls are off school tomorrow because of some conference, so they and I and another family with twin 6-year-olds are going to a beach where the other family has camped before.

We'll be back on Sunday evening, by which time my car will have been driven several months' worth of miles. And if I have to pay for a four-hour haul from a tow truck? Still plenty cheaper than a new engine six weeks from now.

It would make a good story, but you know what? I'm pretty tired of good stories about the car, so wish us luck.


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