Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Poor Alex

I had fun making the South Park figures a couple of weeks ago. I don't even know how many of my (legion) blog readers actually even know what South Park is, but it provided me with a moment of entertainment and that, of course, is what really matters.

When I finished each one, instead of starting over for the next one, I just turned it into the next person by changing each option (skin, eyes, mouth, shirt, pants, accessories).

When I was doing the candid shot I did myself first, then Alex. Apparently nobody noticed that, in doing so, I forgot to remove the boobs. My bad.

If this looks like your kind of fun, click here to make your own.


Lisa June 09, 2005 10:00 AM  

I totally did not get that that was you guys the first time around. Okay, I guess I'm just a little dense.

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