Saturday, June 04, 2005


It's finally official and here are the details:

Wednesday June 29:

U.S. Airways 730
San Jose (12:50 p.m.) - Ft Lauderdale (5:35 p.m.)
(Don't worry, there's a time difference. It's really only about 2.5 hours)
U.S. Airways 1416
Ft. Lauderdale (7:50 p.m) - Charlotte (9:51 p.m.)
U.S. Airways 276
Charlotte (10:45 p.m.) - Raleigh (11:35 p.m.)

Total travel time: about 8.5 hours

Tuesday August 2:

U.S. Airways 212
Raleigh (5:50 a.m.) - Charlotte (6:40 a.m.)
U.S. Airways 287
Charlotte (7:50 a.m.) - Ft Lauderdale (9:43 a.m.)
U.S. Airways 729
Ft Lauderdale (10:55 a.m.) - San Jose (11:47 a.m.)

Time difference again. Total travel time: about 8 hours

I admit that the Raleigh end is a little hellish, but we are cleared to stay at Alex's house (even though he's just renting a room) or, possibly, at the apartment of a friend of his on the first & last nights. Either way we're reasonably close to the airport.

I got three seats together on five of the (gulp) six flights. For some reason seating assignments didn't show up for the first flight out of Costa Rica, but I'll call the airline and maybe they can assign them for me.

Actually my theory (and considering how much cheaper this itinerary is than any of the others it's a healthy one) is that the additional excitement/confusion/activity of the layovers will be more interesting for the kids than fewer, longer flights. Yup. That's what'll happen. Mmmmm-hmm. Yessirreee. Hey, did I mention that these flights are so delightfully short that there's no meal service on any of them?


Lisa June 04, 2005 1:07 PM  

I put in for all the Wednesdays in July (haven't heard back yet, but I think I'll get them off) plus Thursday my birthday, which was already approved. Can't wait!

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