Thursday, June 16, 2005

Judge me! Judge me!

Well, now I've done it. I went and introduced myself to the new family members and invited them here. To read this. (Hi guys! Glad you could make it...) After hitting "send" I popped over and skimmed the current entries. Ulp. You usually get a little more control over the first impression...

So, um, first let me explain that I'm not obsessed with the cost of things. The economic differences between Costa Rica and the states are interesting. You pay over $3 a gallon for regular, but then you can get a flat fixed for a buck. It's cultural. It's educational. It's, um, historical. It's not a fixation. Honest.

And, er, the whole "People Watching" post is, ahh, hmmm. Well anyway. Welcome to my blog. Poke around if you want, leave comments (oh, you MUST leave comments), and what the heck, go ahead. Judge me! Judge me!


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