Monday, February 09, 2009

Like a breath of fresh air

So, the wind is settling down a bit.

The slamming on the roof is becoming an occasional "wow" rather than a constant "oy," and the signs, billboards, bus shelters and trees that haven't already succumbed are all probably fairly safe at this point.

My personal tally was one sign (revolving, illuminated, probably about 4x6 feet), two billboards (standard smallish billboard size, looked like trucks hit them - except for being about two stories out of reach of any trucks), one bus shelter (previously noted) and two large trees, observed this morning when dropping Julia off at Alex's house. The larger, which I could probably just about get my arms around at the base, was uprooted wholesale, and it had a very shallow root mass, so you can kind of see that. The other, upwards of 12" in diameter at the point in question, was snapped in half, the top half taking out power to the neighborhood for, I'm told, about three days.

Aside from the slamming and general unease of so much unbridled nature going on at all hours, the only thing I've suffered is intermittent Internet outages, which hopefully will cease as the wind settles, and dust. So much dust, especially at work.


pidomon February 09, 2009 8:48 PM  

i'm guessing you are not in Kansas anymore?

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