Sunday, February 15, 2009

The advance of the retreat

We stayed in and sewed today, so no real stories to tell. These are some of the most prolific ladies we've had at a retreat, so they're all pretty much done with the four blocks included in the retreat project, and are planning on doing all the remaining blocks as well - some while they're still here and others after they get home.

Tonight, we're all going to sit around and watch Mamma Mia!, which I've never seen.

Update, two hours later:

Could that have been farther from what I was expecting?

No, it could not.

Don't get me wrong, it was very good. But, see, all I knew about it was the name. Italian name. Let's see...Italian shows. There's The Godfather. There's Sopranos...


Meryl Streep singing more than one ABBA duet with Pierce Brosnan on a Greek island in a manically-paced musical with more 70s costumes than one generally expects to find in tiny Greek towns, I was not prepared for.

To say nothing of watching a mother-daughter story where the mother is Meryl Streep and the daughter is a young adult, and identifying with Streep's character rather than the daughter.

Good times.


poppy fields February 16, 2009 9:44 AM  

Haha...I just watched that movie last night and it ruined Pierce Brosnan forever for me. I will never be able to think of him as a hunk again after seeing him sing in that get-up at the end of the movie. I think my husband is still mad, we had the choice between that or the latest Indiana Jones and I made him watch Mamma Mia...he did fall asleep, so it's not like he suffered that much.

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