Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Things I said during the debate just now

The guy in the green shirt cracks me up

Wait. Is that McCain decrying cronyism? In DC?
He's funny.

[It was about nuclear power]

He's gonna start smacking them soon
[Brokaw, trying to keep the thing running on time]

Guessing: education as a whole, healthcare in general...
[M on the sacrifices that will be needed]

I wonder if he thinks "transparent" means "invisible"

"my first term" sounds nice.

"Not too popular with my own party, much less his"
So, nobody likes him.


he's basically saying small businesses shouldn't have to insure their employees.

He's multifaceted
Or wishy washy, one

Think O will work in a ref to "bomb Iran"?
/Needs a bingo card/

People are living normal social lives in Iraq today?
That's good news.
Sorry about the sarcasm. Did I get any on you?

Oy with the preconditions already

You know, Tom Brokaw does not look completely unlike my grandfather
Well, except he hasn't been dead for 14 years.


Dad October 07, 2008 9:38 PM  

What *I* liked was McCain's comment that "We haven't got time for on-the-job training (for the presidency.")

I wish, o how I wish, Tom B., or somebody, had asked, "But Senator McCain, given that Sarah Palin could, conceivably, be President of the United States FOUR MONTHS FROM NOW (and that's a possibility for either vice-presidential candidate right now) is there enough time for before-the-job training for her?"

quakerdave October 08, 2008 5:32 PM  

"You know, Tom Brokaw does not look completely unlike my grandfather. Well, except he hasn't been dead for 14 years."

You sure about that last part?

McCain is coming completely unhinged... He's scaring me a bit.

The Cunning Runt October 08, 2008 8:01 PM  

The things which you said during the debate were much more civil than the things which I said during the debate!

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