Saturday, October 18, 2008

Nothing witty. Just my day.

Looks like a tune up finally made the difference with my car. I've only driven it a few miles so far, but there's definitely a difference. Not having to put an automatic into second and floor it to get up the hill to my town? A good thing.

After we got the car, I took the girls to the thrift store that has regular (thrift) priced ($1-$4) stuff all sorted and hanging up downstairs, and then the special unsorted bulk department upstairs. They have these eight-inch high borders to hold things in general parts of the room, and the bales of clothes are opened and dumped in there, getting waist deep toward the middle. You just wade in and look for stuff.

They just tripled their prices. Well, maybe not tripled. I guess the price used to be 200 colones per item upstairs, but I've been there on whatever day you can get ten pieces for 1000, so today's "normal" price of 300 colones seemed high to me. But? That's $0.60. We didn't hold back too much.

I wanted to get them each some sweat pants for after school and pajama wear, as well as picking up whatever additional items might present themselves to us. We got 20-some things for about $12. You have never seen that much pink and purple stuff in one shopping bag before.

My favorite...well, my favorites are the things I got for myself. But the best one to tell about is the Julia-sized hooded, fuchsia, zipper-front sweatshirt with a dragon embroidered on the sleeve in silver thread.


The Cunning Runt October 19, 2008 12:17 AM  

A dragon, that's so cool, I'm quaking here in my boots!

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