Friday, April 06, 2007

The ultimate guidebook

Having spent hours (upon hours upon hours) reading travel websites recently, and knowing full well what the Internet is capable of, I guess I shouldn't have been surprised to stumble upon this today.

Hell (also known as Hades and Aitch Ee Double Tooth Picks) is a place of eternal damnation in the Underworld. It is (for many travelers) the ultimate destination. Hell is popular with travelers rich and poor alike, at all times of year. The good news is that going to Hell requires little planning, but it's not for everyone.
And it goes on from there.

I found most of it quite funny, but use your judgment clicking through. A few of the folks that read here regularly would probably find it distasteful.

Well, okay. Just one more quote:
Reports vary on the climate of Hell. Reputable Middle-Ages travelogue writer Dante Alighieri described it as dark and cold, and indescribably frigid at its center. However more recent descriptions suggest very high temperatures, with a snowball having little chance of surviving. Sounds like global warming has already affected the tourism appeal of this destination. One notable exception to this longstanding heat wave was a brief period on October 27, 2004 when Hell in fact froze over. Experts are still debating the nature of this cold snap, though anecdotal evidence suggests that it may have been caused by the Boston Red Sox winning the World Series.

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