Monday, April 09, 2007

So very five

Julia has been talking really loudly lately. So much so (and so consistently) that I was beginning
to think we should get her hearing checked.

Fortunately, the school sent home a note that they would have nurses or doctors or whatever the specialists are in to do (optional) hearing and vision screening last week. I sent in our $10 (each) and when I asked about the results today they were, unsurprisingly, normal.

I think it's just that she's five. She's really really five. She wakes up before six, talks loud, touches everything, gets her clothes dirty every single day, wants to do it herself, is in love with life 93% of the time and inconsolable 7% of the time, and konks out reliably before eight.

(Speaking of ages and stages, did you see how tall Robin is getting?)


Laylabean April 10, 2007 3:40 PM  

Yes, I can relate, five does seem to be a loud age. (So does six, for that matter.)

Wow, Robin is getting very tall! She's a lot like my oldest. Makayla is eight and wears a size 6/7 width-wise, but needs a 10/12 lengthwise. I'm forever sewing extra elastic into her pants so they don't fall down.

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