Thursday, July 13, 2006

See now, this is why I got Site Meter in the first place

I love being able to check the Site Meter stats and see that there are more people visiting this blog than it would, at first glance, appear.

But to be perfectly honest, what really got me to go sign up was seeing other bloggers mention that people had landed on their blogs after having searched for something surprising.

When I signed up, I discovered that Site Meter is cool enough on its own, so I almost didn't miss it when I didn't get any wacky Googlers dropping by because they searched for "paw prints in the chocolate chip cookies" or something. There have been a couple of searchers in the month since I signed up for Site Meter. But they were just people searching for the titles of kids' television shows that I've mentioned. Certainly nothing to write home blog about.

Anyway, when I look at the stats I usually go to the "Location" page first because it's the most interesting. Today I noticed that, for some reason, the city and state were blank for one of the United States visitors. I know there is anonymizing software that can do that, but most people don't bother to use it. When I checked the "Referrals" page to see where people linked in from, I found that this anonymous visitor had done a Yahoo search on the phrase "wife swapping party" and, in doing so, landed here. I always kind of liked that entry, but our anonymous searcher is down for having a visit length of "0 seconds" so I guess it wasn't quite what he/she was after.


Anita July 14, 2006 6:11 AM  

Actually, I've read that the 0 seconds means that they didn't hit another page or leave through one of your links, they just backed out.

SO they could have spent an hour here or 0 seconds, sitemeter just can't tell!

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