Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Go fetch!

Because this is me throwing you--the reader--a bone, you see, in the form of a photo, since I don't really have anything to say but, now that new people have started stopping by and leaving comments and stuff (and I really love that), now I feel obligated to provide a bit of content, since it's so disappointing when my favorite blogs go for days and days without being updated.

And, too, it's a nice opportunity to see just how long a sentence I can write.

Anyway, this is our house. Big, isn't it? I didn't realize just how big it was until we got here. Alex designed it and I saw the plans on the laptop, but it was a really small screen and I guess I just didn't comprehend. See all that lovely space in our two-story living room? Think about all that empty space. Picture an attractive tile floor below it. Think about those four girls (my two, plus six-year-old twins) in all that space. Think of the squealing. Can you hear the echo? Enjoy being thousands of miles away from it. There, doesn't that feel nice?


Dad June 28, 2006 4:29 AM  

Truth be told, I'd rather be back there again sooner than I probably will be, and hearing the squealing...I miss being part of their lives.

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