Tuesday, February 28, 2006

My car's out of gas and there's pee in my bed

I ran out of gas today, for the first time in my life. Going by the gauge, I still should have had some gas left. Going by the mileage, I probably didn't. Going by the way the engine sputtered and died half a mile before I reached my house, I'm going to go with...pretty much out of gas. The gas pump needs to be fixed -- I was already planning to take it in this week -- so I figure maybe that's why the gauge was a little off?

I had just dropped off the girls at school and was planning to read the blogs and have some coffee before going to the board meeting for the new quilt guild. (I'm co-co-treasurer. Woo!) Instead, I walked home, played a game of solitaire (quicker than blogs) and had some coffee, then got out the gas we have for the lawnmower, called my friend for advice (lacking a funnel), got the laptop for the meeting and walked back to the car, which I had maneuvered into a parking space at the (still closed) animal shelter down the hill. By the time I got there, the guy who watches cars when the shelter is open was there. He seemed to want to help, so I let him pour in the gas (I had cut the bottom off a small empty plastic bottle. It was just big enough to use as a funnel without having to use the bit of hose and electrical tape I had also brought along.) The car didn't want to start right away, but I guess the gas has to get back into the system or whatever. I got gas on the way to the meeting and was only 15 minutes late.

And if I hadn't been running a little late, I wouldn't have gotten to listen to "Para Complacer" - an all-request radio show that apparently starts at 10:00. The announcer has this smooth radio voice, but very little in the way of personality. Maybe he missed his coffee this morning. So he starts the show and picks up the first phone line, but nobody's there. He hello's a couple of times, repeats the request line number and tries again. He gets some guy asking for some song, but apparently there's rules. The song the guy wanted was from 1986, and this particular all-request radio show only plays music from 1985 or earlier. So he told the guy to pick something else. The caller asked for another song and the announcer, who evidently listens to his own radio station, says that he just heard that song on the way in to work - so he can't play it again this soon. So he asks the caller to pick ANOTHER song, reminding him that it should be from "the 80s" (but not, we have learned, from 1986, 87, 88 or 89.) So the caller names another song. And, if the announcer is to be believed, THAT song was also played just minutes ago. Finally the caller asked (a bit timidly) if he could request something by Elton John. The announcer agreed that that would be fine, and they finally settled on Candle in the Wind. Granted, this is all in Spanish and they did both call it "Candle in the Rain" but...well, there was music, so that was good.

The thing is, almost any DJ would take that situation and milk it for all it was worth, but the comedy here lay in the simple fact that neither of the guys seemed to have any personality at all...it was essentially just a long and very nearly futile conversation between two guys...that happened to be broadcast live, nationwide.

So anyway then I got to the board meeting...which ran from 10:00 to 2:00 with no lunch break (but the cookies were good). Actually, the food thing aside, the meeting was perfectly enjoyable - figuring out how to build a guild is kind of fun.

Then I got the girls and brought them home and gave them dinner (actually what they really wanted was to make their own PBJs.) As a special treat, I got them ready for bed early so they could eat popcorn and watch Mary Poppins (which is very very long). But something went wrong with the popcorn. The packet was sitting on top of the fridge and it must have gotten too warm or something because the "butter" sauce had kind of melted out of the paper bag and was smeared inside the plastic wrapper. I popped it anyway and it came out totally tasteless. Oh well.

Julia, as usual, fell asleep before the video was over. And then she peed in the bed. My bed. This child hasn't had an accident since I don't know when...at least a year, but she did have a lot of water (what with the popcorn) right before bed. I didn't think she'd had that much to drink, but you know what? She apparently did. Have a lot. To drink. A lot a lot. The end.


lisa March 01, 2006 10:27 AM  

We made popcorn last night too and both fell asleep watching TV in the living room. Then woke up grumpy. I stumbled into the bathroom and when I came out Scott nearly trampled me down running in to pee. (He had an extra drink with his popcorn.) But the couch is dry. Whew.

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