Tuesday, September 20, 2005

What it's like to be them

I was just looking for something in my E-mail drafts folder and found some notes I took a couple of weeks ago when the girls were playing out of sight but not out of earshot:

Robin: Hey Julia, want to play your Dora game?
Julia: No tanks.
Robin: But why?
Julia: Because I don't like it because every time you win every time.
Robin: But Julia, losing is something that everybody does all the time. You shouldn't be upset because losing is what somebody does every time you play a game.

[5 minutes later]

Julia: I know! You can play the Dora game by yourself.
Robin: No, I can't play by myself.
Julia: Yes you can. Just put the Dora there and then pick a card, and then pick another card.
Robin: No, because if I play the game by myself then I'm sure I'll win.

[10 minutes later]

Julia: I'm going to play with my dolls.
Robin: I'm going to play the Dora game. Can you go with me to get it out please?
Julia: Sure. It's over here.
Robin: But just play with me one time, please?
[Negotiations inaudible]
Robin: ...promise, promise, promise, promise, promise.
Robin: If you don't play with me, it won't be the last time.
Julia: Okay, okay. Just a minute.


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