Friday, April 15, 2005

The kids' latest love

It's called Lazy Town and it's on twice a day...but only at the grandparents' house because we don't have cable. So they see it a few times a week. Yesterday I had to make a rule that they would take turns telling me about it. We started with Julia's turn, so all I got was "It's about lots and lots of chicles (gum) in little squares of lots of different colors." Robin nearly choked wanting to tell me more, and kept asking--even at breakfast this morning--if she could take up the slack (not her words) left by Julia. But I held fast (I'm sure I'll see it myself eventually) and Robin will have center stage when I pick them up tomorrow.

Robin did tell Alex an entire episode when we picked him up at the airport last week. It took her 3/4 of the way home or--for those who've never been here--very nearly the length of an entire episode, if you don't count the commercials.

Here's the official show website.

And here's a blog entry from a guy who discovered the show when a young relative was visiting and wishes it had been around when he was getting high in college.

And if that, together with the fact that I approve of the show, doesn't get you wondering what it's's my favorite question from the official show FAQ (and one I had already wondered about) "Is Robbie Rotten's chin real?"


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