Thursday, April 21, 2005


My newest (and most demanding) client actually called to make a reservation yesterday - they would be sending me little mini-documents throughout today for immediate translation. No problem.

So when the secretary called just now I figured she had just sent a new one. But no. She wants to know how much it would cost to translate a 300-page document. Not 200 pages like the one that ate up the entire month of February (and half of January), oh no. Three hundred pages. Yikes!

Not that she can actually give me a word count, or even tell me if the dastardly thing will be coming out today or next week or next month, or really any kind of specific information whatsoever. Just how much please...

Please let them sit on it at least until my parrot quilt is done! Maybe my taxes too...Please!


Lisa April 22, 2005 3:12 PM  

On the other hand...

We want you to finish it by late June, right? Which, from the sound of it, means starting roughly tomorrow (give or take a few hours).

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