Thursday, February 04, 2010

Again with the bullet points

  • The phone company, having heard from us [the company] daily starting Monday morning, finally contacted us this morning to see about fixing the Internet connection at the office.

  • It was already fixed.

  • The phone company, having heard from us [the household] once, yesterday afternoon, called back early in the business day today, and came, and fixed the Internet, and all is well.

  • I dropped Dad at the airport this morning and haven't heard from him, so I'm figuring he got all the way to where he's going.

  • On the way home from work, I came upon Jose and Yolanda walking down the street carrying a small television, so I gave them a ride the rest of their way.

  • Turned out they had just called the house to see if the girls could come with them, so we picked them up too.

  • Then I went home and played my computer game while Bob played his, and then he took a rest and I was ALL BY MYSELF. FOR MINUTES AND MINUTES ON END.

  • It was nice.

  • And then the girls called, and I went and picked them up, and Bob went to work, and the girls and I watched a movie, and it was nice.


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