Tuesday, December 27, 2005

We're a bookish clan

I would say that upwards of two-thirds of the gifts under the tree this year were broad, flat and oblong. This photo doesn't show it particularly well because they settle in against each other like...well, a shelf full of books. But you will observe that the left-most arrangement of presents extends fully as far out from the base of the tree as the bulkier, irregularly shaped ones to the right...

I used the girls' quilts from Mom to "wrap" the two big presents...a chair for Robin's desk and a 3-drawer dresser for Julia. I wrapped other quilts around from the back to prevent peeking (although there's precious little you can do to disguise a chair) and pinned a bow on each one.

The dresser is, of course, what clocked Julia on the head later that afternoon. Once she stopped sobbing hysterically, she enumerated her (very specific) list of grievances:

  • "I [sob] am not [sniffle] having [hiccup] a good Christmas."

  • "I don't [etc.] want that furniture."

  • "I don't want it."

  • "I don't want to have it."

  • "I don't want those men to help me." (Guests who rushed to get the thing off of her when it happened)

And finally, I leave you with...Sperm Lights!

(Which, interestingly enough, is also the (unofficial) name of these...er...art pieces, which, appropriately enough, are mounted on a wall that makes me think of Santa Claus. How, you ask, can a wall make someone think of Santa? Click and find out.)


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